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Newsletter 02/2024

We have three exciting webinars coming up, looking at how to make Europe’s food chain more sustainable. With experts from three different countries, VISIONARY’s own early research results and lots of practical examples and takeaways. We'll hope you'll join us as we unlock the power of policy in driving organic farming expansion, explore sustainable solutions for public food procurement and learn how to build capacity within local food supply systems.

VISIONARY Webinar #1

What policy mechanisms can support organic farming? From design to effective implementation

Unlock the power of policy in driving organic farming expansion. Join our webinar where VISIONARY researchers share their key findings spotlighting how policy can effectively address barriers in the organic farming sector. Gain first-hand insights from two expert speakers as they share their experiences tackling industry bottlenecks. Paul Holmbeck discusses …

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VISIONARY Webinar #2

Exploring Sustainable Solutions: Public Food Procurement for Local and Organic Food Markets

In our second webinar we'll delve into the practical aspects of promoting local and organic food through public food procurement. Gain insights from the University of Aberdeen's VISIONARY project, which sheds light on the enablers and challenges of sustainable public food procurement. Our expert speakers will provide valuable practical …

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VISIONARY Webinar #3

How to: Increasing producer capacity within local food supply systems

In today's fast-paced world, the development of robust local food systems faces numerous challenges, including financial constraints, organisational hurdles, and skill deficiencies. Discover the key findings from the VISIONARY project, as we delve into the real experiences of practitioners grappling with these obstacles on-the-ground. Rachael Forster from Tamar Grow Local, …

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