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Newsletter 01/2023

Welcome to our very first VISIONARY newsletter!

We – thirteen partners from eight European countries, led by the Universitat Politècnica de València and funded by Horizon Europe and UK Research and Innovation – have embarked on a four-year journey, exploring a key question in this day and age: How can we make Europe’s food system more sustainable? We are honoured and happy to take you along for the ride and we will send you quarterly updates on our research findings, events and everything else relevant to you. In each upcoming newsletter, we will also feature a profile of one of us, tell you more about our case studies, our networking platforms called Science-Policy-Interfaces (SPIs) and much more.

But today, for this first newsletter, we start at the beginning – by introducing our project and our network.

We hope you enjoy the read,
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What we do

We investigate Europe’s food systems, asking key questions: What is holding us back from transitioning towards more sustainable food systems? How can these lock-ins be overcome? What policy and business shifts are necessary to promote more sustainable agricultural practices? read more

Who we are

VISIONARY is a network of scientists, NGOs, and practitioners spread across Europe who have come together to steer Europe’s food system toward a more sustainable future…
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Our case studies

Over the course of the next four years, we are conducting a total of 28 case studies clustered around eight key topics: climate, biodiversity, water, value chain, consumers, retailers, plant-based protein and organic farming…
read more


A key element of the VISIONARY methodology is the development of a network of participatory multi-actor platforms that will accompany and support the research work undertaken in each partner country...
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The VISIONARY website

As you already know, our fabulous project website is online and is changing fast. Currently, we are adding additional languages to reach our target audiences all across Europe. Check out our website to follow our progress. Visit website

Mental model training sessions

A series of training sessions for “mental model interviewing” has been run by the University of Aberdeen (Katrin Prager). The purpose of these training sessions is to upskill those researchers across the different countries who will interview a range of stakeholders to compile “mental models”. These mental models are diagrammatic representations of how a person thinks about a topic. read more

Coming up

In our next newsletter, we will bring you a profile of our project coordinator, the team at Universitat Politècnica de València. We will also start our series “SPI of the month”, introducing the Tamar Grow Local initiative (UK) and we will present you our Initial Conceptual Framework.
Don’t miss it!

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The work of UK participants was funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee [grant numbers 10037976 (University of Aberdeen) and 10044788 (University of Exeter)].
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