Network of participatory multi-actor platforms

A key element of the VISIONARY methodology is the development of a network of participatory multi-actor platforms that will accompany and support the research work undertaken in each partner country.

We have described these platforms as Science-Policy-Interfaces (SPIs) and they bring together relevant food system actors (public and private sector) at local, regional, and national levels to:

  • support the analysis and contextualisation of the agri-food systems under study;
  • inform what is tested in the policy and value chain experiments and;
  • help interpret the results of this experimentation for the design of new and innovative policy interventions and business models for adopting more climate-neutral and sustainable food production systems.

There are a total of 16 SPIs – two in each partner country. The effectiveness of the SPIs is enhanced with specific capacity-building activities for all participants, with a special focus on providing practical opportunities for young researchers to learn how to communicate effectively with industry and NGO stakeholders.


Our SPI case studies:

SolBun Cooperative

The SPI for the SolBun Cooperative (Fair Soil Coop) study case in Romania focuses on identifying the core characteristics of an economically sustainable small producers’ cooperative. In Romania, there are 3.6 million smallholder farms (or more precisely, ...

Sustainable milk production in dairy cooperatives

The Spanish Science-Policy-Interface (SPI) will be based on assessing how to approach cooperative dairy production to make it sustainable. One of the most relevant aspects being worked on in this regard is the reduction of the carbon footprint of milk production. ...


The Science-Policy-Interface (SPI) in South West England will focus on an analysis of the Food Hub managed by the Community Interest Company (CIC) Tamar Grow Local (TGL). The Food Hub has been in operation for nearly ten years and serves as a vehicle for ...

The Local Gastronomic Points scheme (LGPs)

The SPI for the Local Gastronomic Points (LGPs) study case in Romania focuses on assessing the long-term sustainability of the LGPs business model. Smallholder farms in Romania (or more precisely, agricultural households) are managing approximately 45% of the ...