Introducing… CBS

30. November 2023

The Visionary team from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is part of the Consumer and Behavioural Insights Group at the CBS Sustainability Center, which is multi-disciplinary research center devoted to the study of sustainable practices and developments in organizations, markets and society at large.

Meike Janssen is Associate Professor in sustainable consumption. She is passionate about researching behavioural drivers of consumers’ food choices at the nexus between marketing and public policy.

Maja Michalewska is a researcher at CBS. Her research contributes to understanding what are the main barriers to sustainable consumption among European consumers and testing various marketing instruments and policy interventions to foster sustainable food choices.

In VISIONARY, the CBS team leads the work package on ‘Value chain initiatives and business models’ and is responsible for generating consumer insights on how to promote food from sustainable, climate-neutral and biodiversity-friendly farming systems.