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2nd VISIONARY consortium meeting in Warsaw

2nd VISIONARY consortium meeting in Warsaw

From September 11th to 13th, 2023, our second annual VISIONARY consortium meeting took place at the historic Old Library building of the University of Warsaw, Poland – our host this year. This meeting marked a significant milestone as we reviewed the progress our...

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Inroducing… UNIABDN

Inroducing… UNIABDN

The University of Aberdeen researchers in this project are part of the Department of Geography and Environment, which is part of the School of Geosciences. Katrin Prager has participated in several EU-funded research projects in recent years (CONTRACTS2.0, AGRILINK,...

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Case Studies

Farmer-Miller-Baker network

Farmer-Miller-Baker network is a database and map that helps the various players in the bread product line get to know each other better, and share their experiences and needs. It supports the value chain from organic grain and flour ...

SolBun Cooperative

The SolBun Cooperative is a start-up cooperative that was set up at the end of 2020 and is made up of 5 small producers (> 5ha per farm) – vegetables and dairy. In the past 3 years, the cooperative went through a maturing ...

Sustainable milk production in dairy cooperatives

Through the analysis of the experiences of various dairy cooperatives, the aim is to provide knowledge on a number of aspects related to sustainable cooperative milk production: reduction of the carbon footprint of cow's milk, good animal feeding practices, ...

The Local Gastronomic Points scheme (LGPs)

The Local Gastronomic Points scheme (LGPs) is a business model based on adding value to products from agricultural households by establishing small-scale, family-type public food establishments. The concept was developed by an NGO and was first implemented in the ...

Transition to more biodiversity-friendly food systems

The transition to more biodiversity-friendly food systems seeks to add value to dark green measures (such as those implemented by farmers as part of agri-environment schemes) by combining them with a label, thus making the higher environmental performance of ...
Water Protection Bread

Water Protection Bread

Water Protection Bread is an initiative that incentivises farmers to use less fertiliser in their wheat production, which ultimately contributes to groundwater protection by reducing the risk of nitrates entering drinking water wells. ...


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