Case studies


Do financial policy instruments work in the farming sector? Carbon markets and taxes have been used by many EU member states to reduce greenhouse gases emission in some sectors of the economy, but never in agriculture. …


Food production plays a vital role in protecting our planet’s biodiversity. But how can we make agri-environmental climate measures more appealing to farmers? …


A large proportion of EU water is still below Good Ecological Status, with nutrient runoff from agriculture being a big contributing factor and there is inefficient utilisation and governance of water resources in some countries.

Value Chain

How can we successfully create markets for sustainably produced food? The Value chain cluster investigates private initiatives among operators in agri-food value chains and identifies successful business strategies and models.


The food consumption patterns of the average European can be considered unsustainable, causing high adverse impacts on climate, biodiversity, the environment, and personal health.


Can we promote the sales of sustainable food by nudging the consumer in the right direction? Conducting field experiments in retail stores (e.g. supermarkets, farm shops), this cluster generates unique new insights 

Plant-based protein

What are the drivers and barriers to the uptake of plant-based protein products? There are many actors involved in the value chains that are responsible for the successful establishment of plant-based protein alternatives

Organic farming

This cluster aims to promote the Green Deal’s “Farm to Fork” target of at least 25% of agricultural land in the EU being managed organically by 2030 by advancing the available evidence about conditions