Webinar: How to – Increasing producer capacity within local food supply systems

18. June 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, the development of robust local food systems faces numerous challenges, including financial constraints, organisational hurdles, and skill deficiencies. Discover the key findings from the VISIONARY project, as we delve into the real experiences of practitioners grappling with these obstacles on-the-ground. Rachael Forster from Tamar Grow Local, UK, shares an inspiring journey with the ‘Farmstart Project.’ Learn how this initiative, launched in 2015, is empowering new growers with starter horticultural units, technical expertise, and access to local markets through a dynamic food hub. Journey to Poland with Ruta Śpiewak as she gives insight into the food cooperative movement in Poland and the establishment of an umbrella organisation to streamline local cooperative efforts. Gain invaluable insights into the role of producer organisations, transferrable across various European landscapes.

Whether you’re in the business sector, public administration, or the science community, this webinar offers actionable strategies to catalyse change in your local food ecosystem.


  • Alex Inman & Mingyuan Chen, University of Exeter, VISIONARY researchers (facilitators)
  • Rachael Forster, Tamar Grow Local CIC, UK
  • Ruta Śpiewak, Department of Rural Sociology, Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Presentations (click on name to download presentation):