Cross-country visit to Romania

18. June 2024

Connecting food sector stakeholders from across Europe to maximise the real-life impact of our research is at the heart of our work. In this spirit, eight cross-country visits take place throughout the project.

HCC, task lead on capacity building for researchers, policymakers and value chain actors, hosted the first cross-country visit in May 2024. The workshop took place in Brașov and brought together 12 upcoming researchers from Europe (Spain, Denmark, Germany, Romania and the UK).

The workshop began with an inspiring visit to one of HCC’s VISIONARY case studies – Local Gastronomic Points. Participants explored HOF Hărman, where coordinators shared insights into their innovative business model and sustainable practices. They also showcased their vegetable garden, exemplifying their commitment to sustainability. The day was beautifully capped off with a delightful dinner featuring traditional Transylvanian and Romanian dishes, offering a taste of the local culture and cuisine.The first day of the workshop was coordinated by the HCC team who, together with the participants, discussed interactively about:

  • The importance of effective communication in European Research and Innovation projects.
  • The need to understand different points of view and to accept each participant’s context in discussions.
  • Communication skills and the importance of assertive communication.
  • Challenges in facilitation.

Simultaneously, HCC teamed up with Szillard, a renowned facilitator and expert in visual communication. On the second day of the workshop, Szillard led an engaging session where participants learned essential techniques and skills for using visual elements and tools to enhance their communication.

After two and a half days of vibrant idea exchange and hands-on learning, the participants departed Brașov enriched with innovative strategies for successful stakeholder engagement. They also gained fresh insights into enhancing their communication through impactful visual elements and tools, ready to apply these new skills in their future endeavours.