The Local Gastronomic Points scheme (LGPs)

The SPI for the Local Gastronomic Points (LGPs) study case in Romania focuses on assessing the long-term sustainability of the LGPs business model. Smallholder farms in Romania (or more precisely, agricultural households) are managing approximately 45% of the total Utilized Agricultural Area. They have a very important role to play in local and regional food security, but relatively few are connected with modern food value chains. The Local Gastronomic Points scheme is a business model based on adding value to products from agricultural households by establishing small-scale, family-type public food establishments. Therefore, we aim to identify the key characteristics of the business model, its socio-economic impact on the small producers’ well-being, the specific conditions need for upscaling the scheme in different regions, as well as the profile of the consumers and the consumers’ perceptions of the business model. We will engage with a diverse group of stakeholders: the initiators of the Local Gastronomic Points scheme, the public authorities that coordinate and monitor the implementation of the scheme (National Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, National Agency of the Mountain Zone), the private associations involved in the scheme (Gastro Local Association), the Local Gastronomic Points, and the customers of the LGPs.