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VISIONARY aims to improve the sustainability of agriculture by promoting those practices in food production systems that are more environmentally friendly, economically viable, and socio-culturally appropriate, and helping to remove the barriers to their adoption.


At its core, VISIONARY uses methods from experimental and behavioural economics to identify barriers and appropriate behavioural interventions (nudges, education, incentives) for farmers and consumers. The novelty of VISIONARY lies in the combination of experimental methods with a systems thinking approach, considering the whole agri-food system as an influence on farmer decisions. The innovative combination of quantitative and qualitative data from a variety of methods is our important methodological contribution to more system based research. Comparability will be achieved by applying the same or similar methods across case studies in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the UK.

In order to achieve improved capacities, for researchers in behavioural and experimental research, as well as for policy makers and value chain actors to utilise such research, VISIONARY will work with these actors in Science-Policy-Interfaces set up alongside the case studies.


VISIONARY webinar series

VISIONARY webinar series

For detailed information, recordings and slides, click on the title of the webinar: #1: What policy mechanisms can support organic farming? From design to effective implementation #2: Exploring Sustainable Solutions: Public Food Procurement for Local and Organic Food...

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Introducing… AKI

Introducing… AKI

AKI is the co-lead of WP2 and responsible for one of the project’s groundwork tasks within that WP: conducting a literature-based mapping of drivers for behaviour change in the food system. Besides that, AKI is engaged in the following four case study research:...

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Case Studies

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