Webinar: Strategies from the dairy primary sector to match withdecarbonisation targets

25. iunie 2024


Greenhouse gas emissions are a pressing concern for the planet. The agri-food sector, like others, must reduce its emissions. Given its socio-structural weaknesses, these efforts must be carefully planned and evaluated for cost-effectiveness and adaptability without harming economic sustainability. The agri-food value chain, including the dairy sector, is setting reduction targets for 2030 and 2050 that will impact all involved parties.

On June 4, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España hosted a webinar to review European decarbonisation strategies in the dairy sector. Supported by COPA COGECA and DG Climate of the European Commission, the event focused on the decarbonisation strategies of European dairy cooperatives: Finnish VALIO, Spanish CLAS, Irish CARBERY, French SODIAAL, and Italian GRANLATTE, moderated by ICOS. These cooperatives play a crucial role in guiding farmers through decarbonisation and competing for market prestige, which can open or close marketing channels. Agri Zero NZ, a partnership between the New Zealand government and leading agri-food companies, also participated.

The research and technology section featured DG Agri of the European Commission, presenting European projects in dairy decarbonisation. Two key projects, VISIONARY and REPAIR, involve Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España. VISIONARY connects farmers’ sustainability efforts with consumers, while REPAIR develops technology for methane capture in dairy barns.

The third section addressed industry and distribution commitments to ESG criteria and scope 3 emissions. MilkBE discussed its agreement with the Flanders region to reduce emissions by 2030.

Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España concluded the event by summarising the key takeaways.

Webinar Chapters

0:00 Opening
0:54 COPA-COGECA. Giovanni Guarnieri
11:05 DG Climate European Commission. Valeria Forlin
24:51 VALIO. Robert Harmoinen.
47:10 CARBERY. Enda Buckley.
58:32 SODIAAL. Sebastien Serieye.
1:07:18 Agri Zero NZ. Ruth Leary.
1:17:22 ARLA. Hanne Søndergaard.
1:24:40 GRANLATTE. Simona Caselli.
1:37:54 European research projects and its role on dairy decarbonisation. DG Agri European
Commission. Jean-Charles Cavitte.
1:54:51 Methane capture in the barn. Project REPAIR. KTH. Shareq Mohd Nazir.
2:04:38 Connecting farmers effort with consumers. Project VISIONARY. UPV. Dionisio Ortiz.
2:17:58 FoodDrinkEurope. Léna Girard.
2:26:50 Milk BE. Jolien Willems.
2:39:13 Ramon Armengol, former president of COGECA. Board member of Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España.